Personality Coaching

Personality Coaching (also available online)

I do not imitate trends, instead I strive to evolve from a copy to the original, the unique one and only.

With joy and dedication, I will work with you to optimize and fashion your appearance and your style of communication.  If you want to:

  • Gain clarity in life, in the existential experience as a woman;
  • Attain clarity and harmony in your relationships, whether private or business;
  • Break new grounds, achieve new heights;
  • Change, transform;
  • Or strengthen and reinforce what you have already achieved;

THEN ACT NOW.  You have earned it.

In the struggle for jobs, money, self-fulfilment and search for a life partner, know that, what makes YOU desirable is your healthy self-confidence, in you being authentic, you being you, harmonious relationships, your charisma, demeanour, appearance and beauty.  Together, we can bring a new impetus into your life.

Be extraordinary!


Also available online

via Skype or Zoom

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Only for women


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Women’s seminar


Love yourself first,

or expect no one else to love you

Healthy sense of self-love does not depend on what you do, but on you accepting yourself.

The questions:
What goals do I want to achieve, what do I really want?  Am I really convincing doing what I do, am I convinced by what I do? What is my influence on others?  What can I do to increase my influence?

These are the questions to ask yourself while engaged in the process of shaping and creating your self-image, your self-determination and to recognize your calling.  Simply free your thoughts and put them into action!

We are all worthy just by BEING.  With these questions you have come to the right place.

The best motivation is self-motivation, paired with willpower, fun and enthusiasm.


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I am honoured you chose me and am glad to be there for you!

Suitable for:
Public seminars for every woman, companies, Beauty firms, Fashion firms, Ladies’ Clubs, Cosmetics distributing firms, Lifestyle and Health distributing firms, etc.


How you look is your business.  What look you can achieve is mine.  Be extraordinary!  Do not hold yourself to the standards of the masses, the masses should hold their standards set by you. 

Yours, Aisha Rokovsky
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I have 15 years of work experience in the fashion and design industry.  These are my personal and professional experiences that I can pass on to you, helping you to find your own style, finding the right clothes, the perfect cut, choosing suitable colours and how to combine them.

Not only will you have lots of fun, I will help you save time, by cutting out the noises.  You will be equipped with a sense of style – be trendy, elegant, extravagant or sporty – versatility that you enjoy for a long time to come, gain confidence that you will look good and feel good for any occasion. 

The clothes are just the frame.  The star should always be the woman …


Location based on your request
Location: Konstanz or according to your request

A woman with style is and will always be timeless.

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company speeches

Company seminars, speeches and Congress speeches


Life–Styling / Self-Management: 

How to activate your own strengths and talents, gain new energy and joy in life, shape your private life to enjoy more satisfaction and love in your partnership.  Because of free riders, I won’t mention my specialty topics here – please contact me for more information.

The world is constantly in flux.  The tsunami of information and negative events, such as the pandemic, economic crises, news of wars, etc, overwhelm the individual.  We have a crisis of meaning that will lead to a new consciousness, whereby people will change.  In this awareness lies the responsibility to act.

Only few companies are aware that their employees draw their true strengths, commitment and enjoyment from their professions not only from a good, interpersonal working environment, but also from their private life situation.  Satisfaction and well-being in the private life situation strengthen the employees such that they can withstand the frequently tough demands of business life with positive energy and ease.  

Personality Development:  You learn to assess yourself, develop your strengths, and immerse yourself in the world of your customers.  Learn how to touch your customers emotionally, learn how to communicate with empathy, and learn how to inspire others with your goals and visions.

What counts is not what is being recounted, what counts is what is being achieved.

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Suitable for: Corporations, public companies, private companies, distributors

Career Conference by Mary Kay Cosmetics:  Power Speech in front of 3500 women