I try to touch your heart, in order to reach your head!

  • Personality Manager, Speaker, Lifestyle and Beauty Expert, AuthorMakeup Artist with global network and makeup academy
  • Makeup and Fashion Trendsetter, regular Member of the Jury at the German Makeup Championship in Munich
  • Speaker for Entertainment on the Hapag Llyod Cruise Lines -MS Europa, MS Europa 2 und Queen Mary
  • Since 1998 till today Consulting Company for Communication: Seminars and Presentations für Enterprises, specifically Women’s Seminar
  • Founding of own Modelling and Event Company with Modelling school in Munich.  Model-Training: Planning and the realization of over 500 modelling shows within and outside Germany, main office in Munich.
  • Lecturer at the Pedagogical University in Prague
  • Competitive athlete in the Czech National Athletics Team
  • Masters in Sports and Science from the University of Prague
  • Languages: German, Czech, Russian, English
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14.07.29 Aisha


Workshops and lectures:

Bonner Akademie

Hill & Knowlton Publik Relations, Berlin

BfG – Bank, Dresden

BfG – Bank, Erfurt

Cunard- Entertainment Queen Mary 2 

Dr. Spiller Bio-Cosmetic-Vertrieb, Berlin

Dr. Lübke Immobilien GmbH, Frankfurt

Goldwell-Marketing Club

Gonis since 2010 until today

Gesellschaft zur Förderung Holzbaugewerbes, München Bremen und B.-W.

Hapag Lloyd Kreuzfahrten – Entertainment MS Europa und MS Europa 2

Karaja & Mediterra Cosmetics

Mary Kay Cosmetics since 1999 until today

Sparkasse Bamberg

Stadtsparkasse Dresden, Filial- und Führungskräfteschulung

Make-up Course for Mary Kay Cosmetics, Younique, Nuskin, Jafra, Déesse

Wirtschaftsjunioren, München und Stuttgart etc.


AMS Arbeitsmarktservice Oberösterreich/ Steiermark

Coiffure Swiss

Dermacol Kosmetik Prag  

Déesse Cosmetics-Schweiz

Executive Connection, Wien

Gilette, St. Moritz

Hotel Hermitage, Insel Elba –Italien

Jafra Cosmetics-Schweiz

Karaja Österreich

Linus Pauling University London, Holland

Lions Club Schweiz

Medien Produktion, Prag

Austrian Ski National Team – Women, Austria

Procter&Gamble Austria

Swisscom, Chur

Simon Keller Swiss Wellness Akademy

Seminar Agency-Schweiz

UBS Basel -Schweiz

Functions and major events from 3000 participants onwards

Panel discussions at:

Bamberger Wirtschaftstage – Seehofhalle in Bamberg

Berlin – Brandenburger Gespräche in Berlin, „Innovationsmotor Mittelstand“

Mary Kay Cosmetics Career Conference in Munich, Leipzig, Erfurt

To stand by your side, that is my calling, because I focus on people.  And I’ll bring all the right “ingredients“ to serve you: 
With 35 years of experience, we will find the right solutions for you personally or for your enterprise, and implement them with skills, enthusiasm, fun, excitement, and commitment.  We shall mobilize your inner values and true strengths.

Extraordinary delivered to you.  My credo:

Nothing is more successful than success!

But success only comes from being extraordinary.  The ordinary creates failure.

Being extraordinary is doing what others don’t do and doing what others don’t expect!

A Spanish proverb sums it up:

Habits are at first cobwebs, then they become wires.

Success always has to do with people.  So we have to learn to deal with people, to understand and convince them, to empathize, to “lead” and to inspire them.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: Success has two letters:


Choose the extraordinary. Choose more out of life! DO it!


Aisha Rokovsky is extraordinary. She exudes fireworks display of skills, emotions, experience, power, positive aura and charisma.   There are factors that make her appearances a special “experience” – a lasting memorable experience – as her successes have proven. No matter in which of her diverse activities she engages in, every piece of her work is graced with her incomparable signature, with originality.  Aisha presents something very rare in this world: a unique specimen!

Extract from WE Women+Economy,
Edition Women of the German Economy, Volume I

There are people, whose presence fill the room already while they stand at the doorstep.  Their aura and charisma are literally palpable.  They don’t flaunt anything, they haven’t said a single word and yet they already fascinate you with their personality.  We naturally orientate ourselves to these people.  Consciously or subconsciously we seek their closeness, because we want to partake in their shine, their aura extraordinaire – and we want to learn from them.

Anne Lehr, Journalist, Author


no dream – no drive!

When I was 13 years old, I had only one dream – to get out of the Czech village, where I grew up, and out into the big word.  But how?

One was not allowed to leave the communist country.  At first, I wanted to study to get a degree.  However, the prerequisite in communism was that the family had to be in the party.  Which meant that there was no chance for me to get a place at the university despite my good grades.  There was another way, namely, the entrance examination through sports.

However, I was a beanpole, unsporting, lacking talent and not exactly a child prodigy.  Nevertheless, I always to stand out from the crowd with my visions, my determination and readiness to help.

I practised autodidactically with the help of sports books.  Against the wishes of my family, I trained myself practically in secrecy on my father’s fields the various disciplines of athletics.  There was nothing available at that time, no sports clubs, no stadium, no sports hall.  As I ran through the village fields, I was mocked at, laughed at, and thought to be out of my mind.

Despite the injuries, I just kept going – I fell over, got up again – repeat!
Never give up!

Already back then, it was core to me: falling is not a shame!  Only laying down is reprehensible

Two years later, I became confident that I have finally trained my body to a good condition. My teacher had formed a small sports group to compete.  It was then that I persuaded my teacher to bring me along, as a spectator, to the Youth Olympics in the capital, Prague.

By collecting and selling apples, I accumulated enough savings to splurge on the trip to Prague.  The enormous stadium blew me away.   Then the idea of being part of the team, just once, became so strong, that I outwitted the main referee, practically implored him, that I had to be on the list.  He almost felt sorry for me.  It worked!
Always have the courage, as fear of failure puts the brakes on your dreams! Either it works or it doesn’t, but at least you’ve tried!
How painful is the self-reprimand and regret, “Oh, if I only would have … back then!”

I fought hard, I ran, jumped, and threw as if my life was at stake … and won 4 gold medals!  What a moment! (What 4 moments!)

That was just a small part of my life that took a completely different turn after that day.

I was offered a contract to participate in the 2nd league club.  Following that, the 1st league and national competition team contracts, as well as an admittance to study at the Sports University in Prague.  Now no one was laughing anymore in my old home village.  It was in this other world that I was welcomed with open arms, and I could do more for myself and for others.

I discovered the Beauty-World, enjoyed the lifestyle and organized many events, and yet I couldn’t implement everything I wanted to.  It drove me nuts and left me with no peace.  I simply had to get out into the new, yet unknown world, beyond this grey communism.  Two years after graduation I migrated to Germany.

Still, it was not as if I was received with opened arms here.  The first 3 years were the hardest of my life.  I had little money, no steady job, no friends, difficulties with the language.  I was a nobody, but I was in a free country.  That made me strong – thank you, Germany!

I have never had a patron, nor a sponsor, nor a rich man to help me.  But there are people who see you in you a power woman, and this person does not have to be a top manager.

It was just the simple caretaker lady, who persuaded me to take part in a modelling contest organized by a luxury fashion company in Munich.  She drove me to Munich and I pranced down the catwalk in high pumps as if in a trance.  Of the participants, I was the oldest, the least slender, and was the tallest.

Nevertheless, I was accepted, and why?  Because I exuded joie de vivre, pride and femininity.  I did not earn a lot of money at first, but I learned a lot, experienced and saw a lot – different countries, languages, designs, cuts, fabrics, sales, it was the best school of my life.  And my story continued its exciting course in this universe.

Your task is to search tirelessly for your calling and to find it, then carry it out with passion.  You only have to do it for yourself, pursue YOUR GOALS with persistence, always believe in yourself.  Otherwise you are just obeying a timetable that someone else has drawn up for you.  I had my own plans and dreams, they were fulfilled later despite defeats and disappointments.  They made me stronger and more experienced.  I needed the help of some people.  And now I am in the position to give back everything and more – and many people need me.

And you can achieve it too, you just have to really want it. We are not just an empty shell! Listen to your heart! Beacause that is your right decision!